Friday, November 27, 2009


Well, we had Thanksgiving here yesterday with hubby's family & my brother. It went well! Baby slept through dinner which was great- I was so worried all morning that she wasn't going to sleep and what not. Well she did great and didn't fuss all day until we tried to keep her awake until 8pm. When she gets her bottle at 8 or later, she sleeps until 2 or so. That I can handle because she doesn't get up again until 7 or so. Sometimes she doesn't like that plan! Work in progress...

So every single adult that has come to visit since her birth has commented on her swing. It's a great swing- Fisher Price My Little Lamb. Everyone wants one in an adult size. Maybe that's my key to financial riches- creating an adult swing that is as comfy as hers looks!

So I have given in and we have ordered a recliner. The ONLY reason we are getting it is because it is a glider and it is cream colored leather, has clean lines, is not over-stuffed/ridiculous, and matches her room. The fact that it reclines is a bonus, i guess. It's going in her room. After this whole vaccination-screaming-fit- nightmare-5 days, we need a more comfortable chair. The old wooden rocker from my childhood is not cutting it! Hubby is trying to convince me to get one for the tv room. I think that recliners are the downfall of civilized life. Really, cup holders and food storage areas in a chair? How lazy can you be??!! They gross me out. It would be nice to have a glider downstairs I'm thinking about it. JUST THINKING!

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