Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Back on track & then some

Sweet baby is not only back to one night feeding, for the last two nights she's been going 6-7 hours between! Holy moly! Of course, I'm still waking up after 5-6 hours and can't fall back to sleep. And the cats have been crazy at night lately. I have no idea how she sleeps through it all. I am tempted to put a camera down stairs to catch what it is they are doing. We can hear them racing around, jumping onto and off of things, and in the morning we find cat hair and toys (baby & cat!) all over the place.

The cats are much happier now that sweet baby is sleeping in her own room. The cats hated being shut out of our room for 4 1/2 weeks. Ralphie is still afraid of her, but he is checking her out more often - even though he runs away whenever she moves. Buddy watches over her like she is hers - lets me know if she thinks the baby is upset. Biggy sometimes cares, sometimes doesn't. What's weird is I can' tell if sweet baby even knows they exist. She doesn't get bothered by their cries or kisses. I can't wait until she can sit up in the next few weeks and can see what's going on. I'm think I'm going to get her one of those foam seats- bumbo or something like that. I forget the name. She is holding her head up pretty well now. She gets stronger every day.

Hubby is working his 24 at the fire station today and it is much more mellow at home. I've noticed this the past couple of shifts that he's worked. The baby, cats and I just kind of hang out. I think all of hte running around we do when he is here gets everyone worked up. Not a bad thing. We are all just so happy and relieved that things are going well. I am almost ready to start working on #2!

Oh, and we got ourselves an early Xmas present yesterday - finally got a Keurig - premium! It even makes perfect iced tea- my fave.I love it. Been drinking a lot more coffee than normal now that I am home.

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