Sunday, January 20, 2008

Some kind of crazy

Pats are in the Super Bowl. Yippee Skippy! Spent game at BF house w/ her crazy loud (jobless)hubby and cute baby. I'm helping stage their house for sale. Already looks 100X better.

I've evolved it seems. Being with baby doesn't make me crazy jealous.

Clomid starts next month, excited at possibilities. Actually think fertile today, but hubby is working 48 straight at the FD, so missing my window. Not freaking out about it like I used to. Doc made me feel less desperate for time. Seems I have mild PCOS. Even better, should be covered by insurance, which I didn't think any of this would be.

Other crazy - ex sister in law sent me pics of her miscarried baby. Creepy beyond words. Why would anyone think other people want to see their partially developed baby posed with props like a doll house teddy bear? I understand how traumatic it is to lose a chile, but seems over the line!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Happy New Year!

January 2008 and still not pregnant. This is OK. I am happy, healthy, and have a great life! The holidays were fun and it was good to see family and friends. We've had a generous amount of snow this past month. I love it! Of course, it's been 60 degrees the past two days, which is great too. Now the snowbanks have melted enough that we can at least see to back out of the driveway without putting our life in our hands. Thirty minutes after taking the picture above, I booked tickets to Florida in March. ha ha. I love it, but the great wall of snow was beginning to form between our house and our neighbor.

I went to my primary care physician last night. I mentioned that my period is now every 6-8 weeks, sometimes longer. She advised that I am probably not ovulating. She suggested I go back to my ObGyn to discuss possibly using Clomid.

Since my last miscarriage in May, I have been wondering why I can't read my body anymore! I couldn't figure when I was fertile and was making Matt have sex with me on all of these random days during the month. When I got pg the last three times, I could tell when I was fertile by the cm. All three times I immediately got pg. I haven't had the cm and figured I was being crazy and over-analyzing. It is nice to know that I was not crazy and my body is just screwing me over, once again.

So, I have an appointment next week. I hope that Clomid works for me. I'll be 37 on February 3. Yes, the same day as the SuperBowl. If the Pats make it to the SuperBowl, I'll be amazed if anyone remembers my bday, including my husband! Anyway, I'm getting too old to sit around and wait for something to happen.

I'm curious how Clomid has worked for other women. If anyone has had positive or negative experiences with it, I would like to know!

happy new year!