Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I hate Comcast

I hate Comcast for several reasons, the biggest of which is the piss poor customer service. I called a couple of weeks ago to get rates on basic service because I had the all in one plan w/phone, internet & cable. We rarely use the phone or internet. No matter how well you follow the prompts on the damn 800#, you never get the right department (and I have a master's degree, i'm not stupid, i can follow a menu prompt), and the people who answer the phone are rude. For $150 a month, I want better service than that. If any of the people that I had talked to there had been even remotely decent in their attitude and tone of voice, I would have kept Comcast. I used to work in customer service at Verizon. I know good service, and Comcast doesn't have it.

I called today to cancel my service, and even though their website says customer service is available 24X7, only sales & service is open. If you want to cancel, you have to call during the day. When I'm working and have better things to do than go through phone hell trying to get something done at Comcast. Ugh. And, of course the first person I get is rude and the second gets the rath of my anger.

Anyway, I'm back to Verizon for my phone & internet and just completed my request for DirectTV.

Hello Comcast - You lost a customer for no better reason than your people are rude.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

After Great Pain, A Formal Feeling Comes

Well, it's been a while. I forget to write about my life while I'm living it!

I had my 5th, yes 5th, miscarriage on August 30th. Maybe I'm not supposed to be a mom. Maybe I'm supposed to be a weird cat lady or something. I feel numb. When will it be my turn? When will it be my time? I think I'm supposed to learn something life changing from this experience. However, all I have learned is that my friends are quite thoughtless, my mother is a jerk sometimes(I didn't even tell her about this one), I'm angry at the unfairness of life, I hate to see pregnant women, the thought of baby showers makes me irrate (why are people inviting me anyway?), none of the people I know are even trying to get pregnant - but 5 of them in the past year have gotten knocked up by mistake and had perfect babies - this is the biggest afront to my sensibilities of them all) and basically I'm a bitter person.

It is what it is. I am not going to let it get me down. Monday is the first day of Fall - my favorite season!! I am booked just about every weekend until the end of the year with fun things and plans. Next weekend I'll have a full house with my inlaws and my god child visiting from college! We're making headway on the house. New windows, freshly painted porch, little things inside the house getting fixed. Lots of BIG projects still to come and are completely overwhelming, but things are going well and small steps are great for me.