Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Well, I am not a very good blogger it seems! I never remember to update. But there is good news, I am STILL pregnant! Everything is on track for a normal pregnancy, all tests are coming back normal, and I've seen the baby 2x on u/s and heard the hb 2x and go back to the dr tomorrow for my normal monthly check-up. How cute is the u/s from 12.5 weeks! The baby looks like it's in a hammock with it's feet up and hands behind it head, relaxing, maybe waiting for a beer. LOL. Looks like my DH. ha ha ha

I'm hoping that I'll be able to have my 20 wk u/s a little early, on April 30th. Mom & Dad will be in town on her way from FL to VT for the summer and I would like her to be able to see the u/s with DH and me. Plus it will be DH birthday, so that would be a nice present. Hoping for a boy but will be very happy with a girl as well!

Hardest thing for me is that while I haven't really gained too much weight- 7 or 8 lbs at 16 1/2 weeks, it all seems to be in my belly and boobs. Plus, I'm too small for maternity and too big for my normal clothes. It's very frustrating. My DH and I refer to it as my FUBA, Fat Upper Baby Area!

I didn't have that bad of a 1st trimester, only a few weeks of feeling like crap, and have been feeling great since mid March. I have so much energy compared to Jan/Feb. Tons of work to do to get the house "baby ready". We've ordered the remaining new windows we need, are in the process today of finishing the stripping of the wallpaper in one of the bathrooms (a project I started in the middle of a shower Friday night - decided to pull down the paper I could reach!) We also removed the ugly shower doors and replaced with a shower rod and nice new curtain. We'll be putting in a new light over the sink and painting on Tuesday/Wednesday. It feels like a normal bathroom now w/o those ugly shower doors. We should have taken those down when we moved in!

Next we need to sand and poly the wood floors on the first floor, install carpet in the 2 guest rooms (1 will be baby room) and rip down the walls and ceiling in the dining room and 1/2 bath on the first floor and replace w/sheet rock. The bathroom has crumbling plaster and the DR has painted paneling! Gross. We've put it off for 3 years, the baby has got us motivated, finally. Also need to finish removing the lead paint off the back porch. Next year we work on the outside - we need the driveway ripped out and re-done, a fence in the back yard and a granite curb installed out front, as well as some trees planted. Then maybe the next year we can sell it and move to the suburbs. I love this house, but I hate the city I live in, it's such a dump. Growing up in the Burlington, Vt area, I am spoiled and have high expectations. Craptacular City, NH meets none of my expectations, except there are a couple of nice parks, one only 3 blocks away. I wouldn't go alone though, LOL.

Anyway, I hope that anyone out there that has had multiple m/c doesn't give up. I just kept trying and trying, the odds were in my favor. Even after 5 I didn't stop trying. While it was very frustrating and heartbreaking to experience each loss, I didn't let my disappointment take over my life. My marriage is still fantastic and we have been given a great gift (hopefully it will be a full term baby!) I also attribute this success to taking a baby aspirin every morning since the day I found out I was preggo. I wish my dr had suggested it 4 m/c earlier, but I cannot change the past. Best of luck to all of you this Easter morning.