Monday, December 21, 2009

Back at work!

Last week was my first week back from maternity leave. Had a total breakdown on Tuesday when heard baby crying in background while talking to hubby on the phone. SIgh. Am fine now. She's alive and no worse for wear.

For the past several weeks, right after my last post, she has been sleeping until 4/4:30 in the morning. It's as if she wanted me to return to work well rested. We've also eliminated the nightly battle to put her down - her wanting to sleep on her side but being over tired and flipping back and forth between back and side and not falling asleep. We've started to put her to bed earlier! Works like a charm. We were fighting to keep her awake each night until 8pm and it was hard work. Now, we give her the bottle at 7:15/7:30 and she falls right to sleep and still sleeps until 4/4:30. I guess I was thinking that going to bed later would keep her sleeping longer. What a crock of poop. Hubby and I have some alone time too, now that she's asleep peacefully, not waking up every 15 minutes.

Of course, my stupid interal clock still thinks she's waking up at 2, so I wake up at 2, can't fall back to sleep, give her a bottle 4-4:30ish and finally (maybe!) fall back to sleep some time after 5 am. Seriously!

Hubby works Xmas at the firehouse. No biggie. We'll celebrate Xmas eve w/my brother & then his family is coming on Sat or Sun. Not sure which yet.

Baby rolled over from tummy to back 2x last week! Holds head up great, tries to crawl and gets frustrated. Has moved on to 3-6 mos clothes. She is so long, approx 24.5 inches.

Next battle is trying to get her to nap in her crib. Currently takes them in the swing. She can nap in her crib, but gets so excited to see her mobile and the quilt that Nana made that hangs on the wall above her crib, that if she wakes up (when you put her in asleep), she takes forever to fall back to sleep because she's so excited to see everything. Or if we put her in drowsy, she gets excited, takes forever to fall asleep, wakes up 30 minutes later, gets see the trend. She gets barely any sleep in there. Not sure what to do about it.

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